For me it is fascinating how many people refuse to eat escargots! Perhaps due to the misconception that anything which is slimy and (I do agree) ugly should not be a wonderful taste experience to be desired like caviar, well something cheaper than caviar. But many delicious delicacies do look revolting. In particluar the tarantulas which are abundant in the amazon jungle which are thoroughly enjoyed by the locals. Apparently the creatures legs are reminiscent of chicken and are considered marvellous. However due to my absolute arachniphobia, even someone who will try almost anything like me would certainly be nervous. What if it wasn’t quite dead and leapt off the chopping board to get onto my face before I’d got around to severing its legs! Hardly likely, but a frightening thought. However a simple snail is surely not as bad as a tarantula. Nobody’s got any excuse not to try them! When you think of it, escargots arrive at your table in restaurants looking nothing like snails and more like a firm, overlarge chicken liver in a shell. So why don’t people try them? I consider them a pest as I find plenty of them in my garden before I lay down the snail bait so wouldn’t it be a good idea to eat them instead of finding ones foaming at the mouth which is a horrible way to die. I think I and certainly the snail would prefer the painless and quicker death of being cooked in garlic and butter. Plus at the end you get to eat them!

Recipe for snails will appear soon.

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