This is a really simple and sure to be delicious dessert from cookbook author Grace Parisi, that I found on her food blog.
After university, I really want to be a food writer like her, Jeffrey Steingarten, Nici Wickes. It sounds like a really cool career.

Grace Parisi

Making my way through the farmers’ market in August puts me into stone-fruit sensory overload on (healthy) par with my annual pre-Halloween trip to Economy Candy. Of the peach variety, there are Saturn, yellow, white and donut peaches (also yellow and white). Nectarines are yellow and white as well. Plums are even more diverse: there’s Damson, Greengage, Mirabelle, Golden Sugar, Yellow Shiro, Italian prune plums, Metlley and Santa Rosa. Then there are apricots, and apricot-plum hybrids: pluots, plumcots and apriums—each one more delicious than the next.

Peaches and nectarines are easily my favorite for eating out of hand, but unfortunately, I must wait until I get home to peel them first or cook them. A fairly recent development, relatively speaking, I developed a sensitivity to stone fruit about 10 or so years ago which I noticed after eating a few handfuls of cherries. My lips, mouth and throat had become…

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