Nigel Slater’s autobiorgaphy – Toast, review

4.5 stars / 5

Toast, Nigel Slater

This book is really, really good! It is rather difficult to describe to someone but it’s pretty much short chapters headed with some food experience he’s had, e.g. apple pie, arctic roll, burnt toast, etc. Included are snippets of his life carefully intertwined, in a somewhat chronological order so that after a while you get a sense of what his life was like (in particular his childhood and teenage years). It is brutally honest. Insensitively honest some might say, but as a lot of the people featured in the book are dead Slater can be as honest as he wants with no one to embarrass. I think it is a really good book and is light easy reading with the odd laugh-out-loud or sympathetic “ohhhhh!” when things go badly wrong. A partcicular example of this is the incident involving the spaghetti bolognese they made, “The pasta is escaping!”. All in all, a very interesting book. I myself read it in two days. Highly reccomended.

Below is a link to a good review from the, and the second is one to the book on with its customer which are worth reading.

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