Carrot Cake and my attempt at the 5:2 diet

You may have noticed I haven’t written anything for ages; did you miss me? Please God let one of you have! With my hugely impressive 20 or so followers I’d expect nothing less.

I hope you’ve had a nice week and cooked up a storm at home. My one was really busy. Today I enjoyed a full day of baking for my 17th birthday. 

Tragically, almost everything was inhaled beforeI got back with my camera. They said it was so good they weren’t even sorry; bastards; so I’ll go and bake them again for you soon. This  even includes my birthday cake.

My Grandma’s fake fudge is here though, and also this beautifully simple carrot cake I made for Mum’s tennis club. It was nearly gone when she’d finished her set so was clearly well received. I’ve even made it for dessert. It’s that good.

This same week, I also gave the 5:2 diet a whirl. I’ve been wanting to lose weight for ages but was pathetic at calorie counting and couldn’t force myself to exercise. If you haven’t heard of it before, the idea is that you eat normally five days a week. For the other two, just 600 calories. They aren’t consecutive and if you’re organised and thoroughly motivated, you can lose weight. How much? And will it come screaming back once you’ve reached your target? – Uncertain for most.

I was initially attracted because I loath being chained to notebooks and calculators.  And amazingly,  it’s supposed to get easy once you’ve jumped the first hurdle. Guess eating bugger all isn’t that impossible if you’re enjoying wine, cheese and crisps the next day. 

5:2 doesn’t just work because you consume less calories. Fasting damages your body. On the five days you’re unrestricted, your body burns more calories than normal to repair itself and even has to use that nasty fat around your internal organs, so you lose weight quite rapidly. And that’s always fun isn’t it?

But. I am in no way endorsing it. My first day, after enduring the saddest bowl of porridge I’ve ever had, sans brown sugar and banana, I had a cup of strong coffee with no sugar, and ice cubes, for lunch. Then I dissolved stock cubes in hot water and chewed on corn thins with Vegemite. In the afternoon I accidentally ate my sister’s jelly, rather than my Stevia one, which was choked with sugar. Forgive me for being a total moron there but I was ravenous.  Dinner was homemade hummus on toast with Jerusalem artichokes, roasted capsicum and some celery sticks… That was pretty good actually.

If you think you can stomach this diet though, listen to this – the following day I learnt just how evil the laxatives in vegetables are to an empty stomach. You get diarrhoea. Non-stop. I’m a very thorough cleaner with my bathroom but this time I literally had to scrub the crap out of my toilet.

That was my last day with 5:2 (If that wasn’t clear).

If you’d like to find out more about this event, or would like to take part, then follow this link to the host blog Bunny Eats Design –

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My Mum’s Carrot Cake recipe 

Serves 20 well.

The best carrot cake ever

1 cup each of wholemeal flour (unsifted) and plain
2 cups of raw sugar (It’s honestly not too much)
2 tsp of baking soda and cinnamon
½ tsp of salt
Just under 1 cup of vegetable oil I use rice bran
4 eggs, pref. free-range and at room temp.
3 cups of grated carrots, that’s about 3 medium sized ones

Icing –
100g of Philadelphia cream cheese (my favourite), or an equally good cream cheese
50g of butter
2 cups of sifted icing sugar
1 tsp of natural vanilla extract
Handful of chopped walnuts to garnish  
Mix dry ingredients together then add the oil and stir well.

Stir in the beaten eggs and next, the carrot.

Pour into a greased cake tin that’s about 23 cm (10 in) across, or you could use one of those cool doughnut-shaped tins (Really easy shape for divvying among a large crowd).

Bake at 180C, 350F, for an hour. Do check it 15 mins early. If you need to check it a lot, cover with either baking paper or tin foil so the grill won’t burn the top as it reheats.

Leave to cool in it’s tin and then start the icing.

Blend cream cheese before adding butter, blend again, and add other ingredients.

Note -You can mix this by hand or with an electric beater, but I always use electric to get a lighter, creamier icing which spreads quickly.

Garnish with walnuts and serve. And be prepared to hear ooohs and aaahs of admiration. You could just shrug them off and point them in the direction of my blog for the recipe?

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