Great online newsletters

I maintain several free subscriptions to food blogs and online magazines to give me ideas on what to cook next, for ideas to improve my own blog and to give me updates on what’s currently happening in the food world. These sites provide new material daily, weekly and/or monthly and are nice to see in my inbox. Here’s some of my favourites – – Epicurious usually has at least one recipe an email that I’d actually like to cook which makes it one of the better websites in my opinion. They have a recipe for virtually anything you could think of and they feature great photography as well.

epicurious – BBC Good Food is very much the same. I personally prefer it for the website’s design though and for the fact it uses metric measurements I won’t need to convert.

bbc good food – Serious Eats send you an email every week with delicious recipes and interesting articles. They have a great section called the Foodlab where they explain the science behind cookery techniques, and go into great depth.

Serious eats – Not only devoted to food recipes, it covers current events in the world of food, they have video interludes with famous chefs and their book reviews are not to be missed. Overall an absorbing read.

They also provide you coverage by city or national, which is convenient if you live in the States.

eater – I’ve enjoyed watching British food writer Anjum Anand on her tv series Indian Food Made Easy and also own the book that goes with it. If you’re a fan or are looking for something different to read, this is the place. You’ll get a monthly update detailing upcoming events and recipes she recommends, and lots of other extras.

anjum anand – This website is entirely devoted to the Herman the German friendship cake phenomenon.

Herman is basically a German sourdough cake, (which is delicious!) made from a yeast culture you grow for nine days, split in four, make a cake from a from a quarter and give the rest to friends. They’ll then grow their quarter for 9 days and split it. The process goes on.  They have a newsletter to go along with it presenting you with new ideas for this surprising versatile cake, from gluten-free versions to bread. If someone hasn’t given you some culture already, then why not start your own and get involved.

Herman the German

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