New vegetable discoveries – beetroot

I would say that beetroot has to be one of the best vegetables out there. It is fantastic for your health, for its delicious taste and like many of the marvels of nature, it turns your wee pink.
I have only recently decided that I like beetroot and am very glad I did, it can be served with or in a multiple of things, like salad, sandwiches, to accompany roasts or (and this is my personal preference) served on its own with a sizeable lump of blue vein cheese and maybe a sprinkling of sesame seeds for interest. You will find the last recipe below.

As many beetroots as needed
Maple syrup (from trees not chemicals)
balsamic vinegar
scattering of sesame seeds

Pour the vinegar and maple syrup (about 9 tbsp of each) into an accomodating glass or metal oven dish, add the beetroots whole, you will not need to do anything to them, and cover with a sheet of tin foil. Put in an oven at about 180 degrees celsius / 350 degrees fahrenheit and slowly roast for a few hours till they’re terribly tender to the touch. It’s also a good idea to check on them every other hour and baste in the sticky syrup. When done, serve with blue vein cheese (I recommend Mainland special reserve blue or Galaxy blue vein, for NZ readers) and maybe a scattering of sesame seeds which is optional.

If you have any other ideas of what else you could do with them then do not hesitate to comment at the bottom of this page and constructive feedback for this blog would be welcome.

Below are a few other interesting recipes for beetroot which you might like to add to your
repertoire –

An interesting balsamic baked beetroot recipe from Gordon Ramsay; I would like to note that its accompanying picture is very bad –

A beetroot chutney. –

Beetroot flavoured hummous which looks good –

Beetroot and steak sandwich with honey and mustard dressing –

Next time – Thai basil, not actually a vegetable though so it might have to be called new fresh-herb discoveries. I think I might try to think of a better name. How does herbs from my garden sound?