New vegetable discoveries – Butternut

(The “New Vegetable Discoveries” column will appear fortnightly on the about sean’s food blog so be sure to look out for it!)
Butternut squash

Recently my Granddad discovered a lovely vegetable called buttternut and in my opinion it beats pumpkin by ten-fold. It’s sweet yet not overly so, it’s soft and not too chewy and for me it was an entirely new taste experience. We recently roasted it in the oven with a bit of red onion and some harissa paste smeared on it which was absolutely delicious, the particular harissa recipe in question being from Diana Henry in her cookbook Salt, Sugar, Smoke which I will soon be reviewing. We have also roasted it in the oven with potatoes in a bit of olive oil which also had very good results, but if you haven’t tried butternut before then make sure you pick some up next time you’re food shopping. And if you make it all the time then how do you do it?

Below is a link to the harissa paste recipe we used which is excellent on chicken thighs as well. Try this recipe and you’ll fall in love with it.

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